Ranks List


Standard Ranks



Officer I 

Officer II 

Officer III 

Patrol Officer 

Senior Officer I 

Senior Officer II 

Senior Officer III 

Leading Officer 



(Can promote up to Leading Officer)


Security I 

Security II 

Security III 

Security Consultant 

Experienced Security I 

Experienced Security II 

Experienced Security III 

Security Specialist 

Chief Security 

Head of Security 



(Can promote up to Head of Security)


Trainer I 

Trainer II 

Trainer III 

Training Consultant 

Experienced Trainer I 

Experienced Trainer II 

Experienced Trainer III 

Training Specialist 

Chief Trainer 

Head of Training 

S.W.A.T Division


(Can promote up to Head of Training)


Rapid Response Officer 

K-9 Support 

Safety Specialist 

Weapon Specialist 

Aviation Pilot 

Riot Control 

Strategic Official 

Command Deployer 

Head of Strategic Control 

Criminal Investigation


(Can promote to Head of Strategic control)


Legal Analyst 


Deputy Detective 


Case Analyst 


Criminal Specialist 


International Crime Official 

Investigative General 

Laboratory Forensics


(Can promote up to Investigative General)



Medical Official 

Forensics Analyst 

Forensics Specialist [

Mechanical Engineer 

Laboratory Technician 


Genetical Examiner

Research Overseer 

Laboratory Supervisor 

Operation Unit


(Can promote up to Laboratory Supervisor)


Operating Candidate 

Technical Operator 

Operation Consultant


Defense Coordinator

Operation Supervisor

Coordination Director 

Chief Operations Officer 

High Management


(Can promote up to Cheif Operations Officer)

HQ Specialist


Chief Curator  

Progress Reporter 

HQ Control  

HQ Supervisor 

Management Official 

Head of Standards 

Senior Ranks


(Can promote up to Head of Standards)


Division Leader -


Informat Official

Intelligence Official 

Personnel Overseer 

Procedure Supervisor


Internal Contactor 

Advisory Official 



Advisory Board


(Can promote up to Commissioner)


Division Leader -



Guidance Specialist 

Communications Coordinator 

Commission Advisor 

Advisory Official 

Chief Advisor 

Council Committee


(Can promote up to Chief Advisor


Division Leader -


Committee Member 

Legislative Collector 



Delegation Officer  

Council Organizer 

Council Supervisor 

Committee Director 

Board of Chairman


(Can promote up to Committee Director)


Division Leader -


Board Member 

Board Secretary 

Board Electorate 


Snr. Chairman/woman 

Leading Chairman/woman 

Executive Chairman/ woman 

International Affairs


(Can promote up to Executive Chairman/Woman)



( First Rank Needs permission From Presidential+)


Division Leader -


Protection Officer 

Firearm Regulator 

Drug Control 

Explosives Manager 

Trade Overseer 

Immigration Regulator 

Public Safety Manager 

Foreign Service Officer 

Conference Operator 

Diplomacy Specialist 

Financial Control 

Cyber Defence Official 

Intel Protectorate 

Consultation Commander 

Ministration Control 

Congressional Members


(Can promote up to Ministration Control)


( First Rank Needs permission From Presidential+)


Division Leader -


Congress Member 

Lieutenant Governor 


State Intelligence Overseer 

Diplomatic Respondent 

Federal Official 

National Correspondent 

National Minister 

Federation Representative 


Head of Congress 




Directors - 6ic


(Can promote up to Head of Congress)


( First Rank Needs permission From Presidential+)


Division Leader -


--Trial Elective--


Central Planning Directorate 

Central Defence Directorate 

Director of Surveillance 

Director of Intelligence 

Director of National Affairs 

Director of Homeland Security 

Director of Justice 

Chief Management - 5ic


(Can promote up to Central Planning Directorate)


(All Chief Management Ranks are Equal)


Human Resource Chief (1 space)

Management Chief (1 space)

Chief of Research (1 space)

Chief Coordinator (1 space)

Chief Directorate (DylanB1)

Leadership Council - 4ic


(Can promote up to Director of Intelligence)


(All Leadership Ranks are Equal)


Leadership General (1 space)

Leadership Manager (1 space)

Leadership Director (Yamie)

Executives - 3ic


(Can promote up to Director of Justice)


(All Executive Ranks are Equal)


Executive Overseer (1 space)

Executive Manager  (1 space)

Executive Director (1 space)

Presidential Cabinet - 2ic


Cabinet Member (3 space)

Vice President (1 space)

President (1 space)


Supreme Command - 1ic 


Legislative Manager  (1 space)

Intelligence Manager  (1 space)

State Commissioner  (1space)

Attorney Commander (1 space)

Command General (1 space)

Chief Overseer (1 space)

Chief of Staff (1 space)

Prime Executive (1 space)



  SgtBen - Morality_XI  -  Dowhiteob


Purchasing Ranks

If members wish to support TSI, and/or rank up faster, they can purchase a rank.

Please only buy from certified rank sellers with the rank seller badge. 

Please keep in mind that once purchased, we do not administer any type of refund; all purchases and trades are final.

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